Do you have parts for (specific vehicle)?
We can tell you what cars are in the yard, but we do not know what parts are still on the vehicle when you come in. It’s a case of come in and see.
What are your opening hours?
We are open Monday – Friday 8am – 4.30pm Saturday 9.00am – 4.oopm.

Please note that we don’t allow anyone to enter the yard 30 mins before closing time. That gives us enough time to round everyone up and be closed on time.

Do I have to bring my own tools?
Can I hire tools there?
Do you have power?
No you need to bring battery operated power tools
Can I use a grinder?
What are prescribed Parts?
Under the Current Motor Vehicles Act, we are required to keep records of all traceable motor vehicle parts that are acquired. These parts are known as “prescribed parts”. These parts are as follows

Chassis – Bonnet – Bumper Bars – Boot – Doors – Guards – Front Apron – Engine – Instrument Cluster – Mag Wheels – Bullbars – Radio/CD/DVD player – Airbags – Tailgate – Major Body Section – Transmission /Gearbox.

All prescribed parts require ID when sold.

Do you know how to take this (specific part) off?
Our salesmen are just that. They have extensive knowledge and will assist where they can, but you will have to research how to take the part off before you come, or bring someone with you who does know.
Can I get the parts taken off for me?
Yes we can take the parts off if you are unable to. Let the salesmen know and they will arrange a dismantler to take the part off. You will be charged the labour cost and given a time to come in and pick up the part when it’s ready.
Can I get the parts fitted to my car?
Yes. We have a qualified mechanic on site. Ask our salesman for a price and we can book you in to have the part fitted.
Is there any warranty?
Yes. 7 day exchange warranty on any part in the yard. No cash refunds, so please make sure of your make and model before arriving.
Any questions? Ask our friendly staff for help

1 Hamilton Street
Dapto, NSW 2530


02 4262 1134